November 8, 2008

give him advices but he ignore his parent one of his friend she had admired him

It was last year June 23 when my friend died. My friend was called Jack

Otieno. They where two in their family Jack he was in form two and he was

the first-born in his family.

He was at the good position in the school examination. Because Jack he was too

Clever. Many students loved him so much. Because he show them how to do exam

Same of the student is his friend.

Same of the friend they have bad behavior’s Jack became one of them and Jack

Started those bad behaviors like them he stated using drugs like: Miraa, Cigarette,

bhang and taking beer.

He started misbehaving he did not respect teacher and his parent. His parent tried

To and she told him I want to have sex with you.

Because he was too cruel he did not wand to go to the concealing. He be came sick

Thin and vomiting his parent told him let us take you to the hospital he ran away for 3 days.

After 3 days he came back home.

His parent planning how they can take him to the hospital and they catch him and they

Take him to the V, C, T testing. When doctor take same blood from him the result was

H, I, V positive

Doctor give him advice eat balas diet and more protease. They go back home. After

Two weeks my friend hang him self.

We want government of Kenya to discus about the people who have H, I, V, Aids

Because when this know they have H, I, V, Aids they kill him selves

So I want government to start something like how collect them and keep them



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