November 8, 2008

give him advices but he ignore his parent one of his friend she had admired him

It was last year June 23 when my friend died. My friend was called Jack

Otieno. They where two in their family Jack he was in form two and he was

the first-born in his family.

He was at the good position in the school examination. Because Jack he was too

Clever. Many students loved him so much. Because he show them how to do exam

Same of the student is his friend.

Same of the friend they have bad behavior’s Jack became one of them and Jack

Started those bad behaviors like them he stated using drugs like: Miraa, Cigarette,

bhang and taking beer.

He started misbehaving he did not respect teacher and his parent. His parent tried

To and she told him I want to have sex with you.

Because he was too cruel he did not wand to go to the concealing. He be came sick

Thin and vomiting his parent told him let us take you to the hospital he ran away for 3 days.

After 3 days he came back home.

His parent planning how they can take him to the hospital and they catch him and they

Take him to the V, C, T testing. When doctor take same blood from him the result was

H, I, V positive

Doctor give him advice eat balas diet and more protease. They go back home. After

Two weeks my friend hang him self.

We want government of Kenya to discus about the people who have H, I, V, Aids

Because when this know they have H, I, V, Aids they kill him selves

So I want government to start something like how collect them and keep them




November 1, 2008

It was on Monday at 4:30pm. I walk out and went to spend my leisure time at the base with my friend. Everybody was enjoyed himself by telling us their past life stories others drinking soda and playing draft.

When we were resting at the base one thief run in front of us. He was wearing white cloths, which were filled with blood and he raned very fast so that the police do not caught him.

Police come at the base and asked us whether we have we seen that man and we told them we have not seen him but one of my friend answered the police by telling them that the man passed here a few a hours ago.

The police told us that we know where he was. We started ageing because we saw him running the way but they told us if we will not tell them the truth they would arrest us. But between you there was someone who knew that thief and where we can find him, one police said. We told him we don’t know where we can find him.

The police told us that they will arresting us and take us to the police station to give out information concerning that thief. We were arrested and taken to police station where we stayed in the cell for one and a half month. Our parents came to the police station to complain about the issue and they were told to see the O.C.S, they talked and we were released.

Our parents thanked the O.C.S and told him that if they get any information about the thief they will call the police immediately. I m pleading to the government of Kenya to take action to those police who come to our base and harass us for no good reasons


October 18, 2008

This is story of my friend Arafat Karithe. He is 14 years old. and I meet him on Monday morning at  8:30am at school and I ask him about himself. and he told me that he is an orphan and he stays with her aunt and In this world he does not have a brother or sister, In his family he is all alone.
He takes her aunt like her mother because she is very good and she treats him like his son and that’s why he takes her like her mother and they stay together as family but they have many problems. They do not have enough food and money to pay rent.

 He also told me that he grew up in a poor family and he knows well what it means to be poor because her aunt does not have good job but she has a small business of selling githeri and In that situation I tried to understand him because the day I did not eat I never worried because I m not  only  the in that situation.
I’m pleading to the Government of Kenya to start a project to help the needy children to help them all and also the Government should establish training institutions to help them train in different skills. This will make them have hope in life and make their future bright too.

Police Harrassment

October 11, 2008

It was Sunday morning my friend Come to visit and me at my house and we started to speak,
About our life’s and we kept speaking and my friend told me that the previous day around 10:30pm one of our friend was arrested by police because something bad has been happening to that place where he was passing when he was coming to visit me. In that place police shoot a thief.

One of the police stood at him and asked him where he was coming from and where is
His identity card and before he answered the question he has already slapped two times and after that the police arrested him and he was taken to jail. We want to tell the government that we want help because if one of us will be arrested for no reason that is a mean of harassment

“First we are in danger place, because bad thing have been done. They say it is us. Because, we do not go to school. We does not have any work to do, they say we go to stay in the street.

Us we want to go to school. But how we dress, how we are looking, we can not go to school. We are so dirty because we does not have basic needs like; Shelter, clothes and Food. That’s why you see many people call us street children (chokoraa).

So for, that problems we have we beg government to establish schools for the street children.
Those Schools in the streets and slums so that we can go to school and we will be educated like any other children in this county so that police can stop harassing us.

We Want Action

October 11, 2008

Recently, I visited a school in a slum area but I could not believe what I saw with my naked eyes.

I saw pupils who looked hungry and some of them did not have uniforms. I decided to ask one of them why they don’t have uniforms. One kid told me that in their school they lack books, uniforms and other basic needs like clothes, food and shelter.

The major problem in our slums is food for schools, one student said. Mostly food in schools in the slums must be cooked two times per day because many pupils come from poor families.

Those pupils come to school in the morning without drinking anything or eating anything so they must have a cup of porridge everyday.

And at the lunchtime those pupils must eat food. The government can do that to help those pupils of poor families. If the government refuses to do that for the schools in the slums, most of the pupils will become street children so they can find food.

So I know that it is too hard far those pupils to learn when they are hungry. That’s why you see many children in the street. They are searching for food.

I think it would be good for the government to start projects for children who need basic needs like food, clothes and shelter. The government can help those children with anything they want.

Effect of drug in community

September 27, 2008

In our community there are people who sell drugs like tobacco, miraa and busaa. Many people who take busaa are youth, both men and women. Those people who make busaa use a bad method. They take flour , water and  other un necessary chemicals so that the liquor can react easily and sell it to people.

Those people who sell busaa without permission of the government we want government to destroy those clubs of busaa. Then our community we want people to take those people who sell those drugs. Because same body who went to take busaa HE/SHE can not educate their children when same body take busaa he sue can forget his family. We want government to come and help us because those small children will follow the same way.
If government will help we will be in a good community. Then we will have a good people who will help us later.

As me John Kioko I want those clubs in Kamukunji constituency to be destroyed as soon as possible. why   the population of the people who sell busaa is continued in Kamukunji.

Why that people sell busaa in Kamukunji? And the police station is near to those clubs.


August 9, 2008


August 9, 2008

My friend was called KAMAU. I loved him so much and we played together in school and at home. We were born together and we grew up together.  After six years our parents told us that we would go to school. Everybody was happy.


After finishing school, he started going to clubs and discos and started taking beer and smoking. He also started coming home late. I decided to ask him, “Why are you taking drugs?”


He answered, “That is not your problem.” Then he continued his bad behaviour. One day I followed him until he got into the club with his friend. He saw a beautiful girl. He went near her and told her “I want you to be my girlfriend.” That girl said, “I know you love me but I don’t trust you.”


After one week she came back and told him, “I understand what you told me before so now I will be your girlfriend.” He said, “That is what I want.” That day, he told his girlfriend “I want to have sex with you.” After having sex without a condom, KAMAU had HIV/AIDS. After a few months, my friend died.


So I want to tell all the youth in KENYA and the whole world: you must know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

My Life

July 30, 2008